Neon Sign Guide


With our custom sign builder, you can choose up to 25 different fonts. Nevertheless, if you wish to use a font not offered on our website, please fill out our custom quote form and will accommodate your request. 

starstruck neon sign fonts


We offer an array of colors for our neon signs. We offer two different types of neon flex: colored jacket or non-colored jacket. This affects the neon sign when it is switched off.

Colored Jacket: This option allows the neon sign to appear colored when switched off.

Non-Colored Jacket: This option allows the neon sign to appear white when switched off, with the neon color showing once lit.

colour jacket guide


We offer a selection up to 6 different sizes across our website: 25"/60cm, 35"/90cm, 50"/120cm, 60''/150cm, 70"/180cm, 85"/210cm. 

  • For most living rooms, we recommend between: STANDARD & EXTRA LARGE
  • For most bedrooms, we recommend between: SMALL & LARGE
  • For most shops and offices, we recommend between: MEDIUM & SUPER-SIZED
  • For most restaurants and cafes, we recommend between: STANDARD & SUPER-SIZED
  • For most wedding and events, we recommend between: STANDARD & LARGE 


    Neon sign size guide


    Choose between two premium backing styles: Cut to Shape and Acrylic Full Board. A cut-to-shape backing gives a defined border around the neon sign, while an acrylic full-board backing gives a large box border for your neon sign.



    Please note: If our standard sizes or designs do not meet your needs, feel free to contact us at or submit a custom order form on our site, and we will assist you accordingly.